Gallery & Testimonials

Gallery & Testimonials


Testimonials from past engagements:


“Thank you very much for the two classes. I wish we had had more time to discuss everything we learned. It was a great introduction to the topic.” – Environmental studies student, University of Northern British Columbia (Oct 2022).

“Great sessions! loved learning more – Presenters were very welcoming and definitely non-judgmental.” – Social service provider, Lac La Biche, Alberta (Dec 2021).

“(Religious literacy) can help me to better understand my clients so that I can provide services to them that are specific to their needs rather than trying to use a one-size-fits-all approach. It can also help me to remember the importance of including people with lived experiences in the work that I do because it’s the best way to understand different perspectives rather than making assumptions or decisions for others.” – Social service provider, Lac La Biche, Alberta (Dec 2021).

“I appreciate the opportunity to be part this. I was shocked to find out the degree of racism in Canada, re: the Blacks, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Sikhs, of course our Indigenous population, as well as the ongoing Islamophobia. We have a long way to go.” – BC-based community reviewer, participating in the creation of our Anti-Racism Toolkit (Nov 2021)

“Thank you so much for sharing this information and your commitment to helping our community navigate these MUCH required conversations.” – Local stakeholder after our community dialogue sessions (Sept 2021)

“I look forward to continued dialogue on these topics to ensure that our community is better prepared to support newcomers, First Nation members and other minorities who wish to call Temiskaming Shores home.”
Local stakeholder after our community dialogue sessions (Sept 2021)

“Thank you for your presentation! It was great: balanced and comprehensive.” – Anna, webinar attendee, Humanist Canada (Jan 2020).

“Interactive part and quotes were fantastic.” – Law student, McGill University (Jan 2020). 

“Thank you so much for facilitating a thought provoking workshop and sharing your materials with me. I sincerely hope to see this workshop (or a similar workshop) by the CCRL at the Faculty of Law again.  I found myself reflecting on the workshop for days after and again this week because the Muslim Law Student Association (myself included) hosted a commemoration of the Quebec City mosque shooting. Religious literacy is so important- and maybe the best way to combat Islamophobia. I’ve signed up for the CCRL’s newsletter and hope to stay in the loop. Keep up the great work!” – Law student, Faculty of Law, McGill University (Jan 2020). 

After this workshop, do you feel more confident supporting people who experience prejudice, stereotypes, or discrimination? 45% – strongly agree. 49% – agree.  – Responses from 92 high school students, Montreal (Oct 2019). 

“I really like(d) the discussion and reminders that religion and sexuality can coexist, it really helped others from what I saw :)”  – High school student, from “Queering Religion” workshop, Brampton, Ontario (Apr 2019). 

81% of attendees (among 16) found the workshop “very helpful.” – Workshop survey responses, Our Whole Society conference. A conference for policy makers, leadership from national religious organizations, academics, and others doing multi-faith work. Toronto (Apr 2019).


Photo gallery from past engagements:

Our past religious literacy projects and engagements in community and with clients span across Canada. Through focus groups, roundtables, training, community dialogues, and more, we listen, learn, and promote understanding in each context with a local partner or lens.