This Thought Corner on religious is a way to think beyond the details on our site and answer the questions: What is civic religious literacy? How do you use it?

These articles by our CCRL team members show how religious literacy can be put into practice. Using religious literacy skills and framework, our team briefly prompts how to identify and perceive the influence of religion, spirituality, and non-religious belief in our lives and world.


How do we engage the religious, spiritual, or non-religious other?

(Dr. John Valk, April 2023)

Eight religious symbols




The role of religious literacy to address eco-anxiety

(Dr. Erin Reid, August 2022)




Religious literacy is needed for understanding the past, the present, and with an eye on acting in the future

(Dr. Siebren Miedema, June 2022)

Someone holding a globe that alters the image of Toronto





What do Christians in Canada believe?

(Dr. Bryan Hillis, April 2022)

Border of five rosary prayer beads hanging down on black background with copy space
Five rosary prayer beads (iStockphoto)





Race, Religion, and Spirituality – What’s the Connection?

(Dr. W. Y. Alice Chan and Dr. Margie Patrick, February 2022)

Halifax - Seaview African United Baptist Church
Seaview African United Baptist Church, Halifax



Restorative Justice Education and Religious Literacy in Schools

(Dr. Christina Parker, December 2021)

Photo from Peter Durand –




The ‘Islamization’ of  Identity

(Dr. Hicham Tiflati, June 2021)

A meme that says "Aren't Muslims supposed to be fasting during the day in Ramadhan?" Response: "I'm Sikh Sir". Response "Oh sorry, get well soon bro.."
A meme shared by Prof. Simran Jeet Singh (




What is “religion”? What’s in a definition?

(Dr. Margie Patrick, April 2021)





To Be Seen as Fully Human: Religious Literacy in the Context of Anti Racism

(Hiren Mistry, February 2021)

A silhouette of a man standing in front of a blue circle.




Teaching about Religion

(Dr. Sivane Hirsch, December 2020)




The Intersection of Belief and Climate Change

(Dr. W. Y. Alice Chan, October 2020)