Current Religious Literacy Projects

Religious, spiritual, and non-religious understanding in rural Canada: A pilot project to promote social and economic well-being through religious literacy 

This is a project in partnership with the Rural Development NetworkIslamic Families and Social Services Association, and Keepers of the Circle Indigenous Hub. It is funded by the Catherine Donnelly Foundation.

Discussing racism: Leading change from multi-faith spaces

This is an exploratory project in partnership with the Victoria Multifaith Society. It is funded by the Vancouver Foundation and the BC Government.



Our Approach


We promote understanding and address social issues through religious literacy projects. Each project engages partners and community members.

Our projects use our three-pronged approach that includes:

  • Research-based content
  • Local perspectives, and
  • Local representatives.

This ensures that region-specific, topic-specific, and industry-specific knowledge inform each project.

Our programming includes region-specific, topic-specific, and industry-specific knowledge.

Religious literacy has an intersectional lens, so we consider society’s economic, political, social, and cultural influence on the individuals, communities, and contexts that we work with and in.