In 2018, 2019, and 2020, we engaged in training and public discussions. Here’s a list of our engagements to learn about our work.

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2020 Engagements

Jan 12 – Humanist Canada Webinar: “Bill 21: Understanding the different sides of the tension.”

Jan 13 – “Religious bullying” in-class workshop, Faculty of Education, McGill University

Jan 15 – CBC Radio Noon Montreal interview with Dr. Sabrina Jafralie, Don’t give me that old time religion – Quebec to move away from the ERC course“.

Jan 22 – “Diversity, religious literacy, equity: Perspectives on Bill 21” workshop for law students, Faculty of Law, McGill University (sponsored by the Faculty of Law Equity Committee).

Jan 27 – “Civic Dialogue” in-class workshop, Faculty of Education, McGill University.

Feb 4 – “Bill 21 and Teaching in Quebec (For B.Ed.)” workshop, Faculty of Education, McGill University. Postponed. 

Feb 20 – “Religious, spiritual, and non-religious patients: Cultural competency & self-care for nurses” in Toronto. Postponed. 

Feb 25 – “Political and religious literacy: How do they intersect?” in-class lecture and workshop, Social Development Studies, Renison College, University of Waterloo, ON

Feb 25 – “Speaking about religion publicly (personally and professionally) à la Habermas” in-class lecture and workshop, Martin Luther University College, Wilfrid Laurier University, ON

Mar 9 – “Racism and Civil Society: Seeking room for dialogue” public roundtable, Vancouver Public Library. More info here:

Mar 19 – “What is a ‘good life’? Looking at worldviews, dialogue, and integration” workshop presentation, Metropolis conference, Winnipeg, MB Postponed due to COVID-19.

Mar 29 – “Unpacking Racism Beyond Race” workshop, Hamilton Center for Civic Inclusion (HCCI) Anti-Racism conference, Hamilton, ON. Postponed due to COVID-19.

Apr 2 – “Understanding different religious, spiritual, non-religious, and cultural worldviews for team work,” elective course (online), Centre for Interprofessional Education, University of Toronto, ON.

Apr 28 – “From within and from without: Exploring how regional contexts influence barriers to socialization and belonging in organizations” conference presentation, Center for Research on Inclusion at Work, Carleton University, Ottawa Cancelled due to COVID-19.

Apr 28 – “Understanding different religious, spiritual, non-religious, and cultural worldviews for team work,” elective course (online), Centre for Interprofessional Education, University of Toronto, ON.

May 22 – “Islamophobia, Academia and Representation” presentation by Dr. Hicham Tiflati, our QC Regional Director, during the 16th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry,  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US. Canceled due to COVID-19. 

May 26 – “Responding to inter-cultural hate in the time of COVID-19” panel presentation by Alim Fakirani, our BC Regional Director, during the Religious, Spiritual, Secular: Living in a Pluralistic Culture Online Academic & Community Conference, hosted by the Vancouver School of Theology.

June 4 – “Racism during COVID-19” virtual dialogue, co-hosted with the North Shore Restorative Justice Society.

Le juin 29 – « Vivre ensemble, malgré le racisme. Un défi québécois. » Une discussion de groupe confidentielle et bilingue, co-organisé par le Fondation canadienne des relations raciales.

July 9 – “Racism during COVID” virtual dialogue, co-hosted with the North Shore Restorative Justice Society.

Aug 3-5 – “Relating equity of RSSI to students’ professional stance and responsibility,” online conference presentation, International Conference on Religious, Secular, and Spiritual Identities in Higher Education.

Aug 7 – “Covid-19 and Racism: A difficult intersection to interpret and translate,” online webinar, Words Without Borders.

le 7 octobre – « Actes, incidents et discours haineux : Comprendre, reconnaître et prévenir » en-ligne, Dr Hicham Tiflati avec le Centre de prévention de la radicalisation menant à la violence (CPRMV) aux Journées de la paix. Ce sera un webinaire en français, mais English questions are welcome too.

Oct 19-23 – “Understanding religious perspectives,” a Focus Week course, Faculty of Law, McGill University.

Oct 28 – “From Africville to Hogan’s Alley: The importance of Black spaces in Canada.” A webinar, Dr. Sabrina Jafralie with Montreal in Action.

Oct 28 – “Bridging Divides & Religious Freedom in Canada & US“, A panel conversation, Alim Fakirani with Religious Freedom USA.

Nov 2 – “Spirituality, Religious Literacy, and Social Work,” a workshop, Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto.

Nov 9 – “Understanding religious discrimination and bullying,” A webinar, Dr. W. Y. Alice Chan with Prospect Adult Religious Literacy Series, Illinois.



“Thank you for your presentation! It was great: balanced and comprehensive.” – Anna, webinar attendee, Humanist Canada (January, 2020).

“Interactive part and quotes were fantastic.” – Law student, McGill University (January, 2020). 

“Thank you so much for facilitating a thought provoking workshop and sharing your materials with me. I sincerely hope to see this workshop (or a similar workshop) by the CCRL at the Faculty of Law again.  I found myself reflecting on the workshop for days after and again this week because the Muslim Law Student Association (myself included) hosted a commemoration of the Quebec City mosque shooting. Religious literacy is so important- and maybe the best way to combat Islamophobia. I’ve signed up for the CCRL’s newsletter and hope to stay in the loop. Keep up the great work!” – Law student, Faculty of Law, McGill University (January, 2020). 


2019 Engagements



After this workshop, do you feel more confident supporting people who experience prejudice, stereotypes, or discrimination? 45% – strongly agree. 49% – agree.  – Responses from 92 high school students, Montreal (Oct, 2019). 

“I really like(d) the discussion and reminders that religion and sexuality can coexist, it really helped others from what I saw :)”  – High school student, from “Queering Religion” workshop, Brampton, Ontario (April, 2019). 

81% of attendees (among 16) found the workshop “very helpful.” – Workshop survey responses, Our Whole Society conference. A conference for policy makers, leadership from national religious organizations, academics, and others doing multi-faith work. Toronto (April, 2019).

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2018 Engagements

November 2, 2018. “Introduction to the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy.” Parliament of the World’s Religions, Toronto, Canada.