Many of our local projects are group specific and for local conversations, so they are not recorded. Some engagements are confidential and not recorded to protect the privacy of those who attend and the thoughts, stories, and experiences that they share.

At the same time, we engage with many areas of society and different organizations that are for public awareness and to promote religious literacy and its intersectionality (of how religious literacy relates to racism, politics, economy, and other individual and social factors). Here are some of those videos.


March 2022 marked the launch of our Anti-Racism Toolkit, which included a train-the-trainer session for the first of eight workshops in the Toolkit. Project partners Sheila Flood from the Victoria Multifaith Society and community leader Ivan Paquette co-facilitated the discussion. The project was funded by the Vancouver Foundation and the BC Multiculturalism Branch.


March 2020 panel discussion from our Vancouver roundtable, “Racism and Civil Society: Seeking Room for Dialogue.” This was co-hosted with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. Speakers included:

The discussion was facilitated by Alim Fakirani, a previous BC Regional Director for the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy.



Jan 2020 recording of Humanist Canada webinar on “Bill 21: Understanding the Different Sides of the Tension,” presented by Dr. W. Y. Alice Chan, the CCRL Executive Director.