Jan 27, 2020 – Workshop for Faculty of Education students

Jan 27, 2020 – Workshop for Faculty of Education students


This workshop, “How to engage in and teach civic dialogue,” was hosted on January 27, 2020 for undergraduate education students, Faculty of Education, McGill University.

All students were in their last term and final fourth year of undergraduate education.


Instructor Feedback:


I saw that the students were attentively listening to Dr. Alice Chan and participating the discussions which were multiple and intriguing. Normally, my students are quite reserved. So I could see that the workshop was very engaging and helpful. I am sure they will include what they have learned from this workshop into their final reflections (their final assignment).

– Prof. Maihemuti Dilimulati, Course Instructor, Faculty of Education, McGill University.


Student Feedback:


“Really great explanation of civic dialogue. I appreciate the tips for our personal life as well as for teaching in our classroom.”

“Very well-animated workshop.”

“It is useful to know these skills for every day. Also important to know how to use these skills if we want to teach them.” 

“Very engaging presentation!”


Over 90% of attendees found our workshop helpful, informative, and applicable for their teaching.



60 students attended. 54 submitted their feedback.


All CCRL workshop and offering feedback are evaluated so we can measure, analyze, and continue to improve our work.