As the most populated province in Canada, we are keenly aware of the unique qualities and communities across Ontario. Our work considers these local, regional, and provincial details, such as the fact that in 2011:

  • Ontario was home to 73.6% of Canada’s Hindu population as well as 55.2% of the Muslim population and 44.6% of the Buddhist population (Statistics Canada, 2013);
  • 21.1% of the Greater Toronto area population (approximately 1,165,000 people) had no religious affiliation (Statistics Canada, 2013);
  • 20% of Indigenous people in Canada live in Ontario (Statistics Canada, 2016); and that,
  • The religious and spiritual diversity and population size in the Greater Toronto Area differ greatly from other parts of Southern Ontario, and the province.


Total population in private households by religion, in ON (2011)
Source: Statistics Canada. 2013. Ontario (Code 35) (table). National Household Survey (NHS) Profile. 2011 National Household Survey. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 99-004-XWE. Ottawa. Released September 11, 2013.

Our Ontario Regional Director, Hiren Mistry, relates these details to our Ontario programming.


Hiren Mistry, Regional Director (Ontario)

Hiren Mistry is an educator and researcher whose work synthesizes commitments to equity, cultural & religious/creed diversity, policy and pedagogy. Hiren has over 15 years of experience connecting human rights theory to practice in public & higher education, with community groups and non-profit organizations. He is a former seconded lecturer at York University (Faculty of Education), and is currently completing his doctorate in Higher Education and Leadership at the University of Toronto (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) focusing on the intersection of policy, religious diversity and leadership. He is also a Subject Matter Expert (Relationships with ministries and school administrators) at CCRL. linkedin twitter_PNG28_v2