Sabrina Jafralie, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Director of Learning (for K-12 and higher education)

Dr. Sabrina Jafralie has led an impressive career as a secondary school teacher and a university course lecturer in her 19 years working in both United Kingdom and in Canada. In 2018, she was received the certificate of achievement for the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Dr. Jafralie has also been featured in several well- known publications including the Canadian Press, Journal of Beliefs and Values in Religion & Education, and the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC).

Jafralie is an educator, scholar and a rising leader in teacher education and religious literacy and diversity, she has spent hours mentoring pre-service teachers and assisting in-service teachers with curriculum design that shape and create students’ opportunities to learn. She examines the ways in which teachers are prepared for and navigate cultural, and religious influences student learning, identity and development.

Jafralie in addition to her teaching and research, does substantial activism. She was appointed as the community representative to the Regional Committee for English Language Health and Social Services Access Programs in the Montreal Region. And was awarded with the Activist of Year by

A proud co-founder of CCRL, and now the Director of Learning for K-12, Jafralie is committed to helping educators with diversifying their curriculum and specifically looking at the religious literacy and purposeful dialogue. Jafralie asserts that CCRL’s organization is vital to the pluralistic fabric of Canada.

Jafralie obtained her undergraduate degree in education (2001) from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Jafralie received her Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Concordia University. Jafralie then received her Ph.D. in Teacher Education from McGill University in 2017 under the supervision of the retired Professor Ronald Morris.