About the Project

This is a research and development project that began through observations and conversations with project partners. 

Together, we recognized that there are many frameworks, toolkits, and guides to help urban settings address racism, but no framework currently exists to support rural communities; though this is where resources are often lacking most, local culture is deeply rooted, and Indigenous communities have existed alongside in separate ways for generations. 


This research and development project will design, develop, and test a new framework and toolkit specifically for well-being in small, remote, and rural communities with populations less than 40,000. 

It aims to offer multi-faceted and intersectional approaches that can equip local individuals, groups, and organizations in understanding racism’s many forms and addressing it long-term.


Development in progress

Map of Strathmore

Town of Strathmore

Map of tTemiskaming Shores and the surrounding area

Temiskaming Shores

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