About the Project

During conversations with various young adults across Canada, we learned that many wanted to have a space to talk about religion, spirituality, and non-religion. Yet, they could not find a space for it, or any adults who wanted to lead the discussion. 


The Civic Literacy Youth Network (CLYN) is an online network and pan-Canadian community for youth and young adults, moderated by educators and researchers. It offers a space for youth across Canada to discuss discrimination and related issues by incorporating a spectrum of religious, spiritual and non-religious viewpoints that coexist with other aspects of identity.

It offers an opportunity to dialogue and engage with others to further participants’ leadership development. Together, they learn skills to discuss, analyze, and counter racism and religious discrimination.


Cohort #2 is currently in session. 

Results from cohort #1 shows a significant change in attitude and skill.

Cohort #1, with a few individuals missing, June 2023

Cohort #1, with a few individuals missing, June 2023

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