Hicham Tiflati, Ph.D., Subject Matter Expert (French speaking Muslim communities and identities, and research on violent extremism)

Hicham is a researcher and a practitioner who has been working with the Muslim community for over a decade. He is a humanities professor at John Abbott College and a chargé de cours at Bishops university. He has taught Arabic and Islamic studies for many years, and has been working closely with families and close friends of Canadians who joined ISIS. His work focuses on radicalization, disengagement from violent extremism, Muslim identity construction, and Islamic schooling. He piloted two interreligious dialogue initiatives – as cofounder of Dialogue Islamo-Chrétien, an Islamic- Christian dialogue group, and as coordinator of Islamic-Jewish dialogue (2015) between the Islamic school, École le savoir and the Jewish Bialic high school. He has also helped in developing a community based radicalization-prevention program for parents and youth in two Montreal area Islamic centres.

His publications related to religious literacy are listed on our publications page here: https://ccrl-clrc.ca/work/publications/.