“Discussing racism: Leading change from multi-faith spaces.”

Project description: To lead anti-racist attitudinal change, we will engage religious and non-religious leaders in Victoria as they are pivotal insiders in their communities and positioned to lead cultural change, yet without anti-racist tools at their disposal. In dialogue with them, the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy and the Victoria Multifaith Society will explore intersectionality and community-specific racism in belief groups and co-create a resource for their anti-racist work. If agreed, we will co-create a Canadian-version of a well received US anti-racism program. With leaders, adults, young adults, and youth, we will see if the Canadian-version (or an alternative) is viable and how best to use it.
Victoria Multifaith Society
This is an exploratory project in partnership with the Victoria Multifaith Society. It is funded by the Vancouver Foundation.
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