During COVID-19, our co-founder, Dr. Sabrina Jafarlie, has created a an activity newsletter to support her high school students’ mental and spiritual well-being, and we are sharing it here. Please feel free to download the activity newsletter by clicking here: CCRL COVID activity newsletter_Apr 2020. The activities are non-denominational and non-religious, being presented as guidance to care for and calm one’s spirit overall.

Additionally, three members of our incredible team co-created an Educator Toolkit for middle and high school teachers. Please click here for more details: http://www.ccrl-clrc.ca/educatorstoolkit.

We are also developing resources for other educators, parents, community leaders, etc.

If you are seeking specific resources, please contact us at info@ccrl-clrc.ca. We would be happy to develop a resource catered to your needs.

For educators, here are a list of our additional services and resources. This poster lists our work in BC but we offer the same interactive workshops, lectures, and guest-speaking engagements in other provinces and territories too.

CCRL poster_BC