Upcoming Presentations


April 14-18, 2019. “A Canadian conception of religious literacy.” Comparative and International Education Society, San Francisco, USA.

April 28-30, 2019. “Addressing Religious Intolerance in Daily Life.Our Whole Society Conference, Toronto, Canada.

April 30, 2019. “Queering Religion.You-Are-Not-Alone (YANA) Conference, Sheridan College, Brampton, Canada.

June 1-7, 2019. “Religious literacy across four provinces and a conception for the country.” Canadian Society for Study in Religion, Vancouver, Canada.


Past Presentations


March 21-23, 2019. “Economic and eco-refugees to Canada: How to prepare for them.” Metropolis, Halifax, Canada. (A downloadable copy of the poster is here – Metropolis poster 2019.)



November 2, 2018. “Introduction to the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy.” Parliament of the World’s Religions, Toronto, Canada.