Upcoming Presentations & Workshops


Jan 27 – “Civic Dialogue” in-class workshop, Faculty of Education, McGill University

Feb 4 – “Bill 21 and Teaching in Quebec” teacher workshop, Faculty of Education, McGill University. Register here: https://ccrl-clrc.ca/bill-21-b-ed/

Feb 20 – “Religious, spiritual, and non-religious patients: Cultural competency & self-care for nurses.” 1-day workshop for nurses (Toronto). Register here: https://ccrl-clrc.ca/nurse-training/

Feb – Building Bridges competition awards ceremony (Montreal)

Mar – teacher workshops (Montreal)

Feb/Mar – Focus group (Quebec City)

Feb/Mar – Public roundtable (Vancouver)

Past Presentations, Workshops, and Engagements



Jan 12 – Humanist Canada Webinar: “Bill 21: Understanding the different sides of the tension.” Details here: https://conta.cc/2ZZV56H.

Jan 13 – “Religious bullying” in-class workshop, Faculty of Education, McGill University

Jan 15 – CBC Radio Noon Montreal interview with Dr. Sabrina Jafralie, “Don’t give me that old time religion – Quebec to move away from the ERC course”. Listen here: https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-102-radio-noon-montreal/clip/15755689-dont-give-me-that-old-time-religion-quebec-to-move-away-from-the-erc-course

Jan 22 – “Diversity, religious literacy, equity: Perspectives on Bill 21” workshop for law students, Faculty of Law, McGill University (sponsored by the Faculty of Law Equity Committee).


“Thank you for your presentation! It was great: balanced and comprehensive.” – Anna, webinar attendee, Humanist Canada (January, 2020).

“Interactive part and quotes were fantastic.” – Law student, McGill University (January, 2020). 



After this workshop, do you feel more confident supporting people who experience prejudice, stereotypes, or discrimination? 45% – strongly agree. 49% – agree.  – Responses from 92 high school students, Montreal (Oct, 2019). 

“I really like(d) the discussion and reminders that religion and sexuality can coexist, it really helped others from what I saw :)”  – High school student, from “Queering Religion” workshop, Brampton, Ontario (April, 2019). 

“A really good workshop.” – Workshop attendee, Our Whole Society conference.

A conference for policy makers, leadership from national religious organizations, academics, and others doing multi-faith work. Toronto (April, 2019).

For details about specific engagements, please contact info@ccrl-clrc.ca. Details about the McGill University panel are posted online here.


November 2, 2018. “Introduction to the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy.” Parliament of the World’s Religions, Toronto, Canada.