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December 2019 Newsletter


CCRL Updates



October to early December was busy! We designed:

  • An Educator Toolkit and recommended resources
  • 1 focus group and follow-up interviews (Lethbridge)
  • 5 presentations (Lethbridge, 2 in Regina, 2 in Montreal)
  • 1 teacher workshop (Montreal)
  • Co-founded the Quebec Network on Children’s Rights


What is to come?

  • January – 2 teacher workshops (Montreal), 1 lawyer workshop (Montreal), Building Bridges competition (Montreal)
  • February – Roundtable (Vancouver), Nursing pilot program (Toronto Area), 1 teacher workshop (Montreal), Focus Group (Quebec City)
  • March – Metropolis conference (Winnipeg)

Please visit our website to learn more about upcoming events and resources.


Across the country, efforts from an atheist nurse now ensure that BC nurses recovering from addiction no longer need to attend a 12-step program, while Ontarians discuss the balance of religion and human rights are in Ontario Catholic schools. These stories and more are listed in the selected headlines below.



The Pulse


News, reports, and research headlines (Canada and global) related to religious literacy. Follow our Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts for headlines on a regular basis. As a reminder, these headlines do not indicate endorsement but are shared for the purpose of awareness.





British Columbia:










Atlantic provinces:





think corner

Religious Literacy Thought Corner

Here are some podcasts, webinars, and other resources for a more detailed understanding of religious literacy. 




Cultural/Holy days (December 2019 & January 2020)

This table describes the dates generally commemorated or observed by many individuals within a community. Some individuals from each community may not adhere to the cultural/holy days themselves. It is not a comprehensive list of cultural/holy days worldwide but a list of those most commonly recognized across parts of Canada.


We wish happiness and/or rejuvenating contemplation to all who may commemorate these cultural/holy days in the coming months.


December 2019



DEC 1 – Advent begins (various Christian groups, ends Dec 24).

DEC 6 – St. Nicholas Day (Western European and Romanian Christian groups)

DEC 8 – St. Clement of Oris – Patron Day (Macedonian Orthodox), Immaculate Conception of Mary (Catholic Christians)

DEC 12 – Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day (Mexican and other Catholic Christians)

DEC 13 – Salgirah (Shi’a Imami Ismaili Islam)

DEC 16 – Posadas Navidenas (Hispanic Catholic Christians from Latin America, some from the Philippines, and others)

DEC 19 – St. Nicholas Day (Eastern European Christian groups)

DEC 21 – Winter Solstice (Indigenous Peoples), Yule/Litha (Wicca), Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival (Tibetan Buddhism)

DEC 22 Hanukkah(Jewish, ends Dec 30)


DEC 25 – Christmas Day/Feast of the Nativity (All Christian sects and denominations, with the exception of most Christian Orthodox groups)

DEC 26 – St. Stephan’s Day (Catholic Christians)

DEC 28/29 – Holy Innocents (Various Christian groups)

DEC 29 – Feast of the Holy Family (Catholic Christian)


January 2020


JAN 1 – Mary, Mother of God (Catholic Christian), Feast Day of St Basil (Orthodox Christian), Gantan-sai (Shinto), Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus (Orthodox Christian)

JAN 2 – Bodhi Day (Japanese and Various Mahayana Buddhist groups)


JAN 5 – Twelfth Night (Various Christian groups), Guru Gobindh Singh birthday(Sikhism)


JAN 6 – Epiphany/Dia de los Reyes (Various Christian groups), Theophany (Orthodox Christian), Nativity of Christ (Armenian Orthodox)

JAN 7 – Christmas Day (Orthodox Christians)

JAN 10 – New Year (Mahayana Buddhism)

JAN 13 – Maghi (Sikhism), Baptism of the Lord Jesus (Various Christian groups)

JAN 17 – Blessing of the Animals (Hispanic Catholic Christian)

JAN 18 – Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, ends Jan 25 (Various Christian groups)

JAN 19 – World Religion Day (initiated by Baha’i but celebrated by many other groups)