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June 2020 Newsletter


CCRL Updates


April and May were new and trying times across Canada, as it was for us too. Over 95% of our team are front-line workers on a regular basis who offer essential services or offer direct support to others on the front-lines. In that time and now, our team’s dedication to serve all members of society and promote equity even in crisis was clear and strong. To recognize their commitment, we thanked each one individually through a daily shout-out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and continue to be grateful for all they do. 

As June begins, the pandemic continues to affect our daily lives, but so does the growing discussion of racism in our society, as noted by the news headlines below. The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has ignited the recognition of racism across Canada. It is causing us to reflect on the behavioural and systemic racism that is rising against certain groups during the pandemic, such as anti-Asian racism, and highlighting the forms of racism that existed before the pandemic, such as anti-Black, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, and anti-Indigenous racism.

Religious literacy helps us understand the diversity in each targeted group, and reminds us that race, ethnicity, and religion can be closely intertwined. Through intersectionality, we understand that harm experienced by marginalized individuals is compounded based on the multiple aspects of their identity that are marginalized. We also understand as members of our team belong to different marginalized groups and/or support those who are marginalized. 

However, as we were optimistic when the pandemic started, we continue to be optimistic now. We are thankful to have the knowledge and skill set to address both behavioural and system racism, and especially when it relates to religious, spiritual, and non-religious aspects of identity and society. We are thankful for the scheduled engagements we have on these matters and we will continue to add new ones online. We are also thankful that we have been engaging in these conversations since our work began.

Now, as we proceed in these difficult times, we look to you and invite you to work with us. The pandemic and the protests are revealing the cracks in our systems but also the strength in society. We know we have the strength and skills for this new time. 

If you, your organization, or contacts would like to collaborate with us, please contact me at ac@ccrl-clrc.ca. If you would like to offer financial support to this work too, we would be grateful since we have yet to receive government funding for our work.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.



CCRL Executive Director & Co-Founder 

The Pulse


These current headlines reflect how religious, spiritual, non-religious perspectives remain part of our daily lives and society. They show the struggles, virtues, and influence of Canadians in local and global communities before and through the pandemic. We are clearly speaking more openly about racism too. 

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British Columbia:





Atlantic Provinces:



think corner

Religious Literacy Thought Corner

Unique to this issue, this list focuses on responses and resources to COVID-19 in relation to religious literacy. 

And, don’t forget our Twitter, FaceBook, and LinkedIn accounts! We are continuously updating threads and posts to analyze COVID-19 through religious literacy too. 



Cultural/Holy days (June & July 2020)

This table describes the dates generally commemorated or observed by many individuals within a community. Some individuals from each community may not adhere to the cultural/holy days themselves. It is not a comprehensive list of cultural/holy days worldwide but a list of those most commonly recognized across parts of Canada.

As the world commemorates many of these important days from home, our team wishes you a rejuvenating time of contemplation and (virtual) community support.


June 2020

JUNE 7 – Trinity Sunday (some Christians)

JUNE 11 – Corpus Christi (some Christians)

JUNE 16 – Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Sahib (Sikhs)

JUNE 20  Summer Solstice (various groups); National Indigenous Peoples Day; World Humanist Day (Humanists) 

JUNE 23 Rath Yatra (some Hindus)

JUNE 24 St. Jean Baptiste (Catholics, predominantly in Quebec)


July 2020

JULY 5 – Dharma Day (Theravada Buddhists), Guru Purinima (some Hindus)

JULY 9 – Martyrdom of the Báb (Baha’is)

JULY 24  – Pioneer Day (Latter Day Saints)

JULY 25 – Nag Panchami (Hindus)

JULY 29 Tisha B’Av (ends on July 30, some Jewish people) 

JULY 31 Eid-al-Adha (Muslim)


Photos by Jf Brou on Unsplash and Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash