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April 2019 Newsletter


CCRL Updates


The April 16 Alberta election looms, as does the October federal election. There are many things happening regionally, provincially, and federally, in relation to these elections (and separate from them). Here are some of the new headlines.

Environics report-Figure 2.1
Figure 2-1. 2018 Survey of Jews in Canada. Environics Institute. https://www.environicsinstitute.org/docs/default-source/project-documents/2018-survey-of-jews-in-canada/2018-survey-of-jews-in-canada—final-report.pdf?sfvrsn=2994ef6_2

On May 21, Canada celebrates the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. As religion, spirituality, and belief overlap with culture, or are one and the same for many people, CCRL celebrates the World Day too.

These headlines and more are noted below in this bi-monthly newsletter.

The Pulse


News, reports, and research headlines (Canada and global) related to religious literacy. Follow our Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts for headlines on a regular basis. As a reminder, these headlines do not indicate endorsement but are shared for the purpose of awareness.





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think corner

Religious Literacy Thought Corner

There are a growing number of audio resources on religious literacy. Here are two:


Cultural/Holy days (April and May 2019)

This table describes the dates generally commemorated or observed by many individuals within a community. Some individuals from each community may not adhere to the cultural/holy days themselves. It is not a comprehensive list of cultural/holy days worldwide but a list of those most commonly recognized across parts of Canada.


We wish happiness and/or rejuvenating contemplation to all who may commemorate these cultural/holy days in the coming months.


April 2019


May 2019

  • May 1Beltane (Wiccan)
  • May 6Ramadan begins (Muslim celebration, until June 5)
  • May 18 Flower Moon (Wiccan)
  • May 19Vesak or Buddha Purnima, day commemorating Buddha’s birth (Mahayana tradition), and day commemorating his birth, enlightenment and passing to Nirvana (Theravadan Buddhism)


Photos by Jaimie Harmsen and Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash.